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Stripe Registration Guide

To enable connection to Stripe payment provider is done via:

  • Login into your eMenu website
  • Click "Dashboard" on top bar
  • Choose "Payment Setting"
  • Click "Configure" next to Stripe payment module
  • Click "Connect with Stripe" button

Initial Registration steps:

  • Complete the Stripe Registration, outline below of what is required:
    • Enter Your Email Address
    • Create a new password
    • Enter your mobile phone number
    • Enter Verification Code received SMS
    • Take note of the backup Security key
    • Enter the Business Address (Must match utilises bill etc)
    • Enter Personal Details (Must match Passport)
    • Additional Business Details (VAT, Industry)
    • Business Bank Account Details
    • Check the information and click done

See screen shots below

Complete/Verify Registrations:

  • To withdraw funds you will likely need to verify your Home Address, Personal Details, and Business Address
    • Go to Stripe Module¬†and click "Connect with Stripe"
    • Upload Photo ID for yourself
      (e.g. Passport or Driving Licence)
    • Next Upload Proof of Address - CHECK IF HOME OR BUSINESS
      (e.g. Utilises bill or bank statement)
    • Check the information and click done

See screenshots below